Our Story



We built a cold-brewery! Phoenix, Arizona. We make stuff, we brew stuff, we're creating amazing drinks for our future and yours!

The more flushed out copy-writing will be here soon! :D - Tiam



It all started with two brothers, fourteen months apart and 5, 000 miles between them. Alex was in Rico Colorado professionally snowmobiling when he called his brother Tiam, who was running a newspaper in Granada, Nicaragua. The idea was to open a coffee shop just south of Telluride, which would attract the wanderers, adventurers, and those passing by on their bikes and in their campers. A place for a great cup of coffee, artisanal foods, and mountain vibes. 

Tiam’s response? Right on, let’s do it.

Both brothers have a zest for life and a passion for great food, coffee, and community. They grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Their grandmother, Carol Steele, has been coined “the godmother of the Phoenix culinary scene.” Long before the terms “organic,” “locavore,” and “slow food” existed, she refused to compromise on quality, celebrating farm-grown produce and artisanal foods way before her time. Alex and Tiam grew up on Aravaipa Farms, an orchard packed with Meyer lemon, pecan, peach, apricot, and Asian pear trees; they, too, refused to compromise.

Tamosan & Co is not only a coffee shop selling the best medium-blend roast in the San Juan Mountains, but also part of a community with a passion for adventure, ripping the surrounding mountains/rivers/lakes, and soulful living.

Welcome to our family! We hope to see you at our shop and on the trails! 

-Alex and Tiam