32oz Organic AF Concentrate


Fresh, Organic, Small Batch, Brewed & Shipped Same Day.

Ships Free & Fast AF Every Tuesday 🚀

some like it hot... some like it cold

cold brew

instant lattes

hot coffee


Brewed & Shipped Same Day

No sitting around on shelves. We brew and ship same day for unparalleled freshness.


Highly Caffeinated

Put it in your mouth & soak in the good vibes.


Single Origin, Organic AF

We source specialty-grade delicious organic coffee's direct from talented af farmers.


Saves You Money

Screw paying $7 for shitty lattes from a hipster barista.

Our Concentrate is Convenient AF

OG Concentrate

  • ✅ Organic
  • ✅  Small Batch
  • ✅ Make It @ Home
  • ✅ Unlimited Drink Possibilites
  • ✅ Brewed & Shipped Same Day

Coffee Shop

  • ❌ Usally Sh*t Coffee
  • ❌ Expensive AF
  • ❌ Wait in Long Lines
  • ❌ They Skrew Up Your Order
  • ❌ They Spell Your Name Wrong